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descThe Work of the Raisin Administrative Committee and the California Raisin Marketing Board, by Gary Schulz, President and General Manager

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Marketing Order 989 & Administrative Rules & Regulations

Marketing Order 989 & Administrative Rules & Regulations


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Marketing Order 989 Proposed Amendments & Referendum

The USDA published in the Federal Register a PROPOSED RULE for Raisins Produced from Grapes Grown in California; Proposed Amendments to Marketing Order 989 and Referendum Order.

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This rule proposes two amendments to Marketing Order No. 989 (order), which regulates the handling of raisins produced from grapes grown in California and provides producers with the opportunity to vote in a referendum to determine if they favor the changes.

The proposed rules are as follows:
1. Borrowing From a Commercial Lending Institution - Section 989.80, Assessments.
2. Establish a Monetary Reserve Fund Equal to One Year’s Budgeted Expenses - Section 989.81, Accounting.

The USDA published a PRESS RELEASE on March 7, 2016.


Grower Equity Checks for the 2009/10 Crop Year

On June 30th, the RAC mailed checks to growers who produced and delivered to packers in the 2009/2010 crop year.  These checks are the grower's equity on the 15% reserve from that crop year.

If you delivered in the 2009/10 crop year, but have not received your check, please contact the RAC offices.

Contact Information:

Julie Gray


Marketing Policy & Industry Statistics for 2015

policy15View the Marketing Policy & Industry Statistics for 2015 (PDF) as created by the Raisin Administrative Committee.


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The Raisin Administrative Committee is a federal marketing order, led by 47 growers, packers and a public member. The RAC is directly overseen by the United States Department of Agriculture and was created in 1949 as a result of the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937.


The Raisin Administrative Committee meets regularly at our headquarters in downtown Fresno, employs a staff of 17, collects and distributes delivery data weekly, shipment data monthly, publishes an annual report of industry statistics and policies, actively and directly markets into 15 foreign nations, and collaborates with the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service.


What we offer:
Statistics, data and reports regarding all of the above, as well as historic information and data originating in 1949. You may receive the Raisin Industry Weekly Update by subscribing on our home page. This free weekly e-newsletter contains recent industry data, news and information collected by the RAC and the California Raisin Marketing Board.


Where to find us:
Raisin Administrative Committee 2445 Capitol Street, Suite 200 - Fresno, CA 93721-2236

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